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If you have been in an automobile accident, even a minor one, it is likely that you have suffered a whiplash injury. Whiplash is an injury to the neck resulting from forceful forward and back movement of the neck, which is compared to cracking a whip. This injury commonly occurs during rear-end automobile collisions but may also occurs because of falls, physical assault, or contact sports. Whiplash typically results in neck and upper back pain which can range from mild to severe.

Symptoms of whiplash typically include neck pain and stiffness that worsens with movement, headaches, pain in the shoulders, pain, numbness or tingling in the arms or hands, dizziness, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, irritability, and sleep disturbance. These symptoms typically develop within hours to days after the injury but may occur weeks to months later if the injury is not treated properly in time.

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If you suffer from a whiplash injury, be sure to seek care from a chiropractor who is experienced in treating your condition.

During your first visit to Trinity Chiropractic, the doctor will meet with you and discuss your injuries and symptoms. He will then perform a chiropractic examination. If necessary, x-rays will be taken to determine the extent of your injuries and to evaluate the structure and function of your spine. After thoroughly analyzing your examination and x-ray results, he will review your condition and treatment recommendations.

There are several treatment options available depending on your specific condition. The most important treatment is the chiropractic adjustment to restore proper motion to the bones of your spine. Due to the pain and stiffness that typically result from a whiplash injury, it is important to see a chiropractor who performs gentle adjustments. Dr. Iszler is Advanced Proficiency Certified in TRT, the latest method in chiropractic, which is one of the most scientifically researched chiropractic techniques in the world. With this technique, he will adjust your spinal misalignments without twisting or cracking your spine by using the Integrator, which is the only FDA approved chiropractic adjusting instrument.

Deep tissue therapeutic laser may be necessary to help decrease pain and inflammation as well as accelerating the healing of the injured tissues. Electrical stimulation may be used to help decrease pain and muscle spasm. As your pain and inflammation decrease, other treatments may be incorporated into your care. Spinal decompression may be needed to help decrease pressure on the nerves and to help injured discs heal. Therapeutic exercises and stretches will also be added to help stabilize and strengthen the structures that support your spine. This is necessary to optimize your results and maximize your long-term results.
If you have suffered a whiplash injury, do not wait until it turns into chronic pain. Give us a call or schedule online through our website. We are here to help you feel better, heal better, and live better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes whiplash?
Whiplash can be caused by any trauma that forces the head to snap back and forth, including car accidents, falls and contact sports.
Why should I see a chiropractor after a whiplash injury?
Chiropractors are specially trained in biomechanics, particularly the spine. They can accurately diagnose and effectively treat whiplash injuries.
Do the chiropractic adjustments hurt?
No. Dr. Iszler is Advanced Proficiency Certified in TRT, the latest chiropractic method. He uses the Integrator, which is the only FDA approved chiropractic instrument. With this instrument, he provides gentle and specific adjustments to the spine without twisting and cracking.
Besides the adjustments, what else can be used to treat whiplash?
Depending on your injuries, we may use a variety of therapies to treat whiplash. These include deep tissue therapeutic laser, electrical stimulation, spinal decompression, stretches and exercises.
How can I make the results of my care long-lasting rather than just providing temporary relief?
Dr. Iszler also provides postural rehabilitation to address the underlying causes of your condition, optimizing your results and making the correction more permanent.