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What To Expect

Webster Technique

Step 01

When you schedule your initial appointment, we will send you your New Patient Intake paperwork by email. Please fill these out prior to your visit. It is important that you bring a photo ID to this appointment. If you have insurance and would like us to do a complimentary benefits check, bring your insurance card as well.

Webster Technique

Step 02

The second step is your consultation with the doctor. He will take an in-depth history to determine what may be causing your issues. This is a good time to discuss any past injuries as well as health goals you have.
Webster Technique

Step 03

The doctor will then perform a chiropractic examination to determine the causes of your health concerns.
Webster Technique

Step 04

The Doctor will advise you if any further examinations or x-rays are necessary based on initial exam findings. If x-rays are necessary, we have digital x-rays on site, so you do not have to go anywhere else to have them taken.
Dr. Iszler will then need a day to fully evaluate any examination and/or x-ray findings to determine how to best help you.
Webster Technique

Step 05

During your second appointment, Dr. Iszler will review your examination findings. If x-rays were taken, he will review them with you in detail so you understand what is causing your problems. If you are a good candidate for chiropractic care, he will go over treatment recommendations and an action plan to help you reach your health goals. If your condition is not a chiropractic case, he will help you connect with someone else that is likely to help.
Webster Technique

Step 06

The next step is to begin your path to healing by providing you with our gentle and specific neurologically based chiropractic adjustments, followed by advanced therapy and rehabilitation to support your healing spine.