Treating Neuropathy Without Medication

When peripheral neuropathy occurs damaged nerves cause burning, numbness, weakness, pain, debilitated balance, and tingling. A variety of problems within the body could be the cause of the damage to the nerves. Toxic blood sugar levels in diabetics, poor circulation, exposure to certain pesticides, genetic variants, and chronic infections are just a few things that can lead to peripheral neuropathy.

Auto-Immune Disease

Another common cause of peripheral neuropathy due to nerve damage is auto-immunity. With an auto-immune disease, the immune system erroneously begins to attack the body. In many cases, the immune system will kill the nerves, causing peripheral neuropathy.

Do Peripheral Nerves Heal?

According to scientific evidence, peripheral nerves can heal. Once the underlying condition has been addressed, the nerves receive proper support they can heal.

There are a few key factors that determine the chances for the nerves to heal, such as:

  • The cause of the nerve damage
  • The severity of the nerve damage
  • The type of nerve fibers that are damaged

The number of treatments required for the nerves to heal will depend primarily on the severity of the damage and the specific fiber types that are damaged. The main goals of the treatment that we offer include:

  • Provide an optimal environment within the body to promote healing
  • Increase blood flow
  • Stimulate nerves to improve balance and relieve pain
  • Reduce brain-based pain

Our premium treatment rejuvenates nerves by restoring blood flow to the feet and hands. Achieve the results that you desire without the risk of surgery or addictive medications.