Healthy Choices to Support Your Immune System

By April 17, 2020 April 29th, 2020 Blog
Healthy Choices to Support Your Immune System

Your personal choices are the primary way to help your immune system function optimally. Your choices! Now, more than ANY other time in your life, taking care of your health needs to be a priority.

We would like to share 5 tips to help support your immune system:

1. What you put in your body is more important than EVER!

*Focus on nutrient-dense foods with a rainbow of color
*Decrease sugar intake and avoid alcohol as much as possible
*Take a quality multivitamin, Omega 3, Vitamin C, D3, and a good probiotic (check with your doctor about these if you are on any prescription medications before you add any supplements)
*Stay hydrated!! Drink 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body mass. If you weigh 200 lbs., you should be drinking 100 ounces of water daily.

2. Exercise at least 30-45 minutes per day

*Exercise helps your brain produce those “feel good” chemicals” and we definitely need those right now. Plus, it can help counteract the added time we are not engaging in physical activity. Try to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine and to get that extra dose of Vitamin D!

3. Get adequate sleep

*Adults need 8 hours of sleep and children need 8-10 hours. Your body needs this valuable time to repair and strengthen itself. Your immune system will suffer if you do not get some rest.

4. Use positive ways to manage your stress

*Now is the time to get online and learn some new strategies like Yoga and meditation. Prayer, journaling and talking with your friends and family about your feelings are all healthy strategies. Work ahead of the stress by scheduling these activities throughout your day.

5. Get Chiropractic adjustments

*When you have a spinal misalignment, this creates a stress response in your body which makes you produce more cortisol, the “Stress” hormone. Increased production of cortisol will down regulate your immune system. Getting adjusted regularly has been shown to improve nerve function which decreases your stress response thereby supporting your immune system.


Dr. David Iszler

Dr. David Iszler graduated Summa Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1994. Dr. Iszler practiced in Casper, Wyoming for 24 years before selling his practice to move to Arizona. He now practices in Glendale, where he is blessed to serve families in the Northwest Valley. He and his wife, Sheryl, are also sought-after wellness speakers, sharing health and wellness advice with businesses and organizations in his community.

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