The Law of Reflection

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I bet no one had any idea 2020 was going to be as CRAZY as it has been!! Between COVID, riots, political tensions, economic uncertainty, and homeschooling (just to name a few of 2020’s surprises), this year has been the most challenging year of our lives for many of us….

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Chiropractic care post auto accident

A Real Pain In The A**!!!

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Have you ever had that searing, nagging pain that starts on one side of your low back, travels down your butt and down the back of your leg? Does it seem like no matter what position you are in, whether you are sitting, standing or lying down, you cannot get…

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Is your mattress hurting your back?

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Do you wake up in the mornings with a stiff, sore, and achy back? Does it make it difficult for you to get out of bed and get moving in the mornings? Maybe your mattress is at least partially to blame. Goldilocks got it right when she tried a couple…

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5 Benefit of Receiving Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

5 Benefit of Receiving Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy By Blog

The miracle of conception, pregnancy and delivery is truly magical. The emotional and physiological changes that a woman’s body, brain and psyche go through during these stages is mindboggling. The human body is truly amazing! Women are raised with the knowledge to seek out care through an OBGYN and/or Licensed…

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Chiropractic Myths vs. Truths

Chiropractic Myths vs. Truths By Blog

There are many misunderstandings circulating about chiropractic. Believe me….we have heard them all!! We thought we would help clear up some misinformation and confusion by creating a fun Myths vs. Facts Quiz. Chiropractors are not real doctors. FALSE: Chiropractors must earn a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree and pass multiple…

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Is Chiropractic Safe?

Is Chiropractic Safe? By Blog

When you type in the word chiropractic, “Is chiropractic safe” is in the list of the top 5 questions asked about chiropractic. This is a common question and concern for people who have not experienced chiropractic care. The very nature of the sound of the “cracking” that happens during a…

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What is Chiropractic?

What is Chiropractic?

What is Chiropractic? By Uncategorized

Chiropractic is a combination of an art, science and philosophy. Chiropractors are passionate about helping people maintain optimal health by providing care for disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous system while avoiding unnecessary drugs or surgery. The term “chiropractic” means “to be done by hand”. The first chiropractic adjustment was…

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