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Voted Best Chiropractic Clinic in Glendale, AZ

We’re helping the West Valley get well and stay well with gentle and specific neurologically-based corrective chiropractic care.

 We have over 200 5-star Reviews!
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Chiropractic Services

We combine the latest method of chiropractic care with state-of-the-art therapy and spinal rehabilitation to optimize your healing.


Dr. David Iszler uses Torque Release Technique to provide gentle adjustments with no twisting, popping, or cracking.

Physical Medicine

Physical Medicine

Spinal adjustments are the foundation of chiropractic care. Laser therapy, spinal decompression and spinal rehabilitation…



Chiropractic care during pregnancy not only helps with aches and pains. It has been shown to reduce delivery times and complications.



Many childhood health issues can be addressed with chiropractic care.


Esthetician Services

At Trinity Chiropractic, we make you look as good on the outside as we make you feel on the inside. 

Auto Accidents

Chiropractic care is one of the most effective, drug-free methods of addressing car accident injuries.

What makes
Trinity Chiropractic unique?

We believe in building relationships and are passionate about educating our patients on the importance of chiropractic care.

Our Vision

Our vision is to realize our full potential by becoming the West Valley’s premier state-of-the-art wellness center for natural healing while providing positive and uplifting experiences to our patients, team members and community.
Our mission is to provide medication free, non-surgical healing to help our community feel better, heal better and live better!

Gentle And Specific Neurologically Based Chiropractic Care In Glendale, AZ

If you suffer from chronic pain, you are one of millions of Americans who can benefit from chiropractic care. Chiropractic is a drug-free, surgery-free option to address your pain and the underlying cause. Trinity Chiropractic offers chiropractic services in Glendale, AZ to treat a range of conditions. We use the most innovative new chiropractic technique along with spinal rehabilitation to create lasting results in a more comfortable and specific way using Torque Release Technique (TRT). This method is scientifically proven to deliver benefits for people of all ages.
Torque Release Technique

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Where Can I Find
Gentle Chiropractic Care Near Me?

At Trinity Chiropractic, we treat patients suffering a range of conditions in order to provide a more natural and beneficial way to heal and recover. Our chiropractic treatment for migraines can reduce the frequency and severity of episodes, while our prenatal chiropractor offers treatments to protect your spine from the stress of pregnancy. We also offer accident chiropractic to ensure robust rehabilitation following an accident, and with a pediatric chiropractor, you can help your baby have the best start in life following the birthing process.

Healing Stories

The biggest testament of a chiropractor is the stories of healing from real life people. Check out these featured stories of healing from some of our practice members.

See Why Our Patients Choose Us
For Their Pain Relief!

Priya Kasturi
Priya Kasturi
Trinity Chiro is fantastic and has helped my 15 year old and me with ear aches, neck aches, head aches, low back pain etc etc! Overall quality of life is improving dramatically! And the office is a fun bunch! Thank you Dr Dave and Dr Matt!
Tracy Bland
Tracy Bland
Dr Matt is the best! The office was so accommodating when I found out Trinity was where he had moved. Everyone is so nice and friendly. Would definitely recommend you go!
Jayden Squires
Jayden Squires
Love these guys n gals, consistent care with a process that works! Was skeptical at first but half way through the 3 month process and I’m feeling better than I have in a long time. I have 2 bars and 10 screws along my spine and they had no problem working with me and my issues, even telling me where I had underlining problems and how they came to be teaching me along the way rather telling me. 5/5
The procedure used on me feels so much nicer on my back. I noticed a difference within three days. Within three months, I am back in shape again. I highly recommend Trinity Chiropractor. I am very happy I went this direction instead of the old traditional method. God bless you guys.
Adam Chapin
Adam Chapin
Patient care is clearly Trinity's top priority. All individuals are extremely caring. The facility is very comfortable and friendly. Would recommend Trinity to anyone in need of Chiropractic Care.
Jeannie Grates
Jeannie Grates
I wish I had the words to express the gratitude I feel towards Sheryl, Dr. Dave and the Trinity Chiropractic team! My life has changed so dramatically with the weight loss program they offer! Yes, I put in the work HOWEVER, the fact is the program is so well outlined, the support incredible, the products reasonable and delicious and thus the results of over 100lbs of weight loss! Sheryl guided me through the months during an emergency surgery to ensure I healed and remained healthy and yet kept me on track for weight loss afterwards. I feel like I can reach out anytime with questions and am confident in Sheryl's incredible wealth of knowledge, experience and care! I have subsequently tried their ZERONA laser treatments for my mid section and lost over 4inches in 6 weeks! This painless and comfortable process is something I plan to continue subscribing to as well. Thank you for the hospitality I feel with every communication be it in person, in email or on the phone! I can not recommend Trinity Chiropractic enough!!
Brianna Sanmiguel
Brianna Sanmiguel
Great staff and super friendly!
Chris “gmias is my big daddy” Legarda
Chris “gmias is my big daddy” Legarda
I love this place!! My wife came to the Chiropractic side on an insurance claim, after a car accident they made it so easy for us on everything. They fixed her up perfectly and took the pain away almost immediately. I later tried the weight loss program, and it is amazing. I never had results like the ones I'm having now and it's so easy to follow. Everyone is so friendly and ready to help you!!
Terry Kovara
Terry Kovara
The staff is very professional and friendly. I am making steady progress.

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